Lead Conversion System Squared (LCS Squared)

The Lead Conversion System (LCS Squared) was developed Chan nicely and Daven Michaels.  In this ebook we are going to provide a walkthrough of why the Lead Conversion System Platform is undoubtably the Swiss Army Knife of all sales systems currently available.

The Lead Conversion System is a hosted solution available online, a chrome extension along with a mobile app is provided to make interaction with the platform as flexible and easy as possible. During the Masterclass you will see first hand how you can leverage the Agency feature which is a white label version that we will also highlight in the sections below.

Note this could be Your Agency platform that you could offer as a product to your clients and customers.

You have probably heard that Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely have hundreds of students who’ve lined up multimillion dollar deals for real estate doctors, attorneys, coffee shops, restaurants, remember they designed the system for themselves and use it in their own businesses as well, yes this exact system.

The central dashboard is the core of the system which shows a snapshot of key data points:

The LCS central dashboard is the core of the system which shows a snapshot of key data points:
How many Leads generated
How many Scheduled Appointments
How many Pending Text Messages
How many Tasks that are due
Summary Panels in the middle of the dashboard show how many Hot Leads versus All Leads which are shown on the right side box.

Where do the Leads come from:
In most cases they leads will be automatically generate from an LCS component that you have used to create such as:
Digital Business Card
You could import them into the system
So which leads do you need to follow up on…

This is where the category called hot leads comes in which is created automatically in the lead conversion system meaning these prospects are pre-qualified indicating they possibly would be very interested in wanting to purchase your product or service.  The ones that typically provide their  phone number are mostly likely truly qualified so it make sense to focus on that segment of prospects.

Speaker 1: So if I start over here at the left side, this is going to take me back over here to my dashboard over here, I’m going to be able to create surveys and applications over here. I have my appointment scheduler over here. This is where I’m able to start linking campaigns together. This item here is my forms, and this is what I’m using a third page builder, or I’m using WordPress or something like that. This here is a tagging inside of our system. You see a tag in our system is not just used for identification purposes, but when a tag fires off, it is multiple actions all taking place at once. Then we have our sales pipeline. We have our contact database. We have, I have our email follow up Kim pains. These are our landing pages. And then over here, we have some special


Orange Checkmark goes to your  personal account.
Blue Checkmark is a special setting called lead.
Green Checkmark is for those people that have employees or staff members.
Red Checkmark is the Agency Program.

Note all of your staff members will have their own custom dashboard so they can use the their own mobile app that is all branded specifically to you business. And then you decide which staff member is going to handle, which leads.

With the Agency program the whole platform is branded as your own. That’s where you get to put your own logo there. You have your own domain name and nobody even knows that it’s the LCS platform.

This is what our surveys look like. They can be customised with very beautiful responses, the backgrounds, images, design can all be changed to meet the needs of your campaign. And they look amazing on mobile phones and we get more monster conversions with the surveys. And it’s actually the best way that you’re going to get a real phone number from somebody which you will see from the stats generated based on how they respond.

The survey’s completed show how prospects responded and the application form will actually qualify your leads for you so you’re only dealing with people who are actually qualified and ready and willing to buy your products and services. And then what you’re able to do is you’re able to send them over to an appointment.

That takes us to the appointment part of the system, as you can see it’s fitted with a nice welcome video so your prospect knows exactly what to do and what available time slots are available to choose from. And this is exactly what it looks like. Very clean, very responsive looks beautiful on mobile. And when you have the enterprise account, you can actually set it up to where you can round Robin, your different staff members and your employees. Forms and Links are exactly that and simplified for easy of use.

Yes Tags are fully supported being an essential part of any campaign and within the Lead Conversion System Squared it is referred to as Tag groups. Tags are used for identification purposes as well to . deploy multiple actions all at once.
As the example screenshot shows a tag called Attended Event and within this when edited you are going to see these are all the actions that can take place when a tag is fired:
You can put them in an external autoresponder,
You can drop them into an automated webinar.
You can put them into one of the LCS’s sales pipelines.
You can assign it to an offer, a bundle.
You can create an auto task.
You can assign it to a lead owner.
Tags in place are easily removed if needed.

As you can see Tagging is the backbone of the LCS system.

If you have your Sales Pipeline well structured, many people would be using an external sales tool like PipeDrive to achieve this,  in LCS this is a built-in feature called a sales pipeline keeping it intuitive enough. Join the Masterclass to see this tool live in action were Leads are moved through the various sale stages along with drilling down into the Lead Detail.

And from the lead detail, you will be able to see all the information about the lead and able to see how many sales they’ve done, the pipelines that they’re in, and see the tags they’ve been assigned to, for example event, appointment tags, the products and bundles the prospect or client are interested in. Theres a full audit trail so to speak, to see all interactions, all the stages and see all the history of everything that has been submitted. You are able to quickly eyeball all the results of the surveys and the applications

LCS comes with a well structured Contact database that contains all the leads along with a segment we covered called hot leads. Remember your hot leads were people who said that, yes, I want to purchase your product or service, or however you set up that qualification. And then they have provided you their phone number. Those are the leads that you need to follow up with, and you need to be able have to do it ASAP. So this information here is going to give you everything you need to know about those leads. Plus, you’ll be able to filter by campaigns, their lead score, their temperature, their tags that they’ve been assigned to, or the last time that they were contacted. So as you can see, you have total management over your leads.

Next is the Email Campaign Builder. And what’s so unique about this is you create a master campaign and then you would go through and you would create a sub campaigns inside that master campaign. So it is going to keep you very organised. You’re able to do custom fields, field timers. You can even pull in QR codes from our system inside of these follow up emails. Complete with your stats so you don’t have to hunt around to see how this campaign is doing. Attend the Masterclass so you can see live how campaigns are created on the spot. Note text messages campaigns are also supported with each account having a unique phone number so you can receive text messages along with bulk broadcasts using SMS.

Manage your own Agency with LCS Squared:
Add your companies
Branding each of these companies
Add custom domains

LCS comes with a robust stable Chrome extension to notify your clients/staff  when they get a text or when they get a hot lead. So there’s no excuse why your employees can not follow up with the leads. Coupled with this it comes packed with a powerful mobile app which also has views of all hot leads, today’s appointments, today’s task, and unread text messages.

To Summarise:

You see that LCS manages hot leads effectively
You see that LCS contains a steady lead bank
LCS properly segments and manages incoming text messages
You see your tasks, appointments are well tracked
You can see and manage your  pipelines efficiently
LCS has a built-in digital business card
LCS Mobile App has a QR Scan along with notifications

Whilst you will leave the upcoming Free Masterclass with an online home business that can be run from anywhere in the world it will also walk you through the step by step process of this amazing system so that you too will learn how to set up the LCS applications.

In Conclusion:

You’ll set up your link campaigns, Your forms, Your tagging, you’ll also set up a sales pipeline. You’ll learn how to use your lead bag. You’ll learn everything about this system so that you have leads coming in and you’re able to capture those leads, qualify those leads, and you’re able to convert them again. Make it a point to attend the Masterclass to see Daven and Chad live, whilst the LCS System will be covered you will walk away with so much more. Thank you so much for reading this ebook and we hope you now understand the power of this Lead Conversion System and how it’s not only gonna save you money, it will replace multiple systems in your business, but on top of that, it’s going to make you or your sales team extremely profitable at the same time.

Thanks for reading the eBook to the end and we will keep you informed on the upcoming Masterclass via email which will start towards the end of the September. In the meantime do not hesitate to message us if you have any questions.